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We congratulate everyone who is interested in social entrepreneurship with this slogan. On this website you will find a list of Lithuanian social enterprises and be able to get acquainted with them. Registered social enterprises are not only included in the list, but can also learn about impact planning and improve their business models. Have a social enterprise or an idea? Sign up now!

Have a social enterprise or an idea? Register and start learning!

What can you find here?


Register your social enterprise - your organization will be added to the list of social enterprises and you will be able to use the learning platform.

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List of social enterprises

Meet the social enterprises registered on the platform.

Learning Platform

A training platform designed specifically for young social enterprises that want to plan and measure impact, and improve their business model. The platform is available to anyone who has registered a social enterprise or an idea of ​​such enterprise.

Explore your target

Learning materials will help to get to know your target audience in detail, understand its needs and tailor the solution.

Improve your solution

New insights will help you understand if the existing solution is the most effective in creating the desired impact.

Prepare to plan social impact

Understand what impact you are creating and get prepared to measure it.

Discover a sustainable business model

You will find new insights about the social business model and its components.

Receive mentor's feedback

You will have a possibility to get feedback from your mentor regarding your finished exercises within the learning platform.

Join the social enterprises community

Your social enterprise will be visible in the List of Social Enterprises.

Analyse the problem, improve the solution and business model, prepare to measure the impact. Sign up!